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Friday, February 21

Vintage Centerpieces for the Wedding


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Vintage Bingo Cards as table numbers
Found vintage bottles to use as centerpieces

I quite like antiques. I like things that are old and the history they bring with them. I would rather fly to Morocco on an $800 ticket and buy a chair for $300 than spend $1,100 on one at Pottery Barn."
-Walton Goggins
Vintage Bingo Cards from Oh Comely Vintage

It's gloomy and wet outside so I'm stuck indoors for the most part. I don't mind it so much as I'm forced to relax this way. I'm spending the day digging through some of the things we've acquired for the wedding so far. In January, Tyler, my mom and I spent the day at the antique fair. The hardest thing, I think, was not buying everything. There were so many great things I wanted to use for decorations. We made away with 30 glass bottles of all different shapes and colors, burlap and other odds and ends.

I found these vintage bingo cards, however, on etsy (where all brides-to-be go to lose themselves in a dizzying shopping spree) from Oh Comely Vintage. I thought they would make perfect table numbers and I love the idea that they're an old, found item. Something about that makes me feel like every element is our own and unique to us. Plus, looking for treasures together is one of the things I love most about this experience.




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