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Thursday, March 13

Preview: Wedding Bells at Harmony Gardens


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Wedding at Harmony Gardens Deleon Springs
Wedding at Harmony Gardens Deleon Springs

Some of the closest friends I've made were in cosmetology school. Maybe it was the 13 hour days, and incalculable suffering (maybe I'm being hyperbolic, just a little bit) that we spent together, but I never met so many women so alike to me with the same dreams, aspirations and insecurities. It is definitely a bond that will last. This past weekend, Tyler and I had the honor of attending one of those lovely ladies' wedding to her best friend. It was such a beautiful ceremony - so authentic and emotional (so many cry faces, so many). It was so obvious that these two were meant for one another in every single way. I was so happy to be a part of that day and witness this moment in their lives together. I will post more photos once I get the chance, but had to share this one. Leanna was such a beautiful bride.

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Wilson-Roberts Wedding at Harmony Gardens in DeLeon Springs, Florida.


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