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Thursday, March 20

Prepping for Chicago


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Target Tribal Print Carry On Bag

We're going to Chicago in a week! I'm spending the day prepping everything for our trip - buying travel size bottles and products, organizing our luggage, brainstorming how in the world I am going to travel with just a carry-on considering I can never even meet the under 50 lbs. rule. Is it even 50 lbs? I can't remember, it's been so long since I've traveled. My new carry-on only endeavor did give me an excuse to find cute luggage. I'm convinced I can do this. But I will only really know tomorrow, after the laundry is done and I actually attempt to pack.Tribal Print Carry-on Bag from Target

We will only be in Chicago for four days which isn't much considering it's such a big city with so many varied, small neighborhoods. I never make itineraries for trips I take; I'm more of a "discover the town" type of traveler. I don't like to be on a schedule. I just like to be open to whatever comes my way. However, being that it's Tyler's first time in the city, and that I'd like for him to see the major landmarks (Millennium Park, The Field Museum, the Magnificent Mile, etc) and that he also wants to see the Financial District (to satiate his inner finance nerd) AND that my sister and I will be wedding dress shopping on Friday, I realized that the best use of our time would be made by following an itinerary. We'll see as the time comes how closely we will stick to it but I do feel good (and organized) knowing that we have one.

I'm at the point of planning where I'm just so excited and anxious to board the plane already and go. I can't wait!




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Do you still have this bag? Also, would you sell it? My girlfriend lost hers and I really wanna get another one for her and I cannot find one. Thanks

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