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Tuesday, April 8

Chicago Day 4: Strolling Downtown


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Congress Hotel Chicago
Downtown Chicago
The Magnificent Mile

Though we only had a few short days in Chicago, I wanted to make sure Tyler could see all the sights we could pack into a four day weekend. We spent the majority of our time hanging out downtown on the Magnificent Mile trying not to freeze. I looked at the weather but I guess 30 degrees is a lot colder than I had imagined in my head.

We planned initially to spend the morning at The Adler Planetarium but decided to scrap it in favor of eating brunch, seeing the Bean, and doing some shopping. Not a bad way to end our last day. Brunch was at Caffe Baci, literally because I thought wearing only leggings (the weather said it was supposed to be 57) was a good idea and it was the closest restaurant that wasn't Starbucks. Warmth! I needed warmth.

Right across from us was Millennium Park. The art installations weren't going (probably because there was still snow on the ground and a water show may prove inappropriate) but we still got to snap a very tourist-y picture in front of the Bean. Afterwards, we decided to walk down Michigan Ave and do some shopping. We picked up some sweet treats to bring home from Garrett Popcorn and I stocked up on clothes and bags I don't need from Akira.

Our last train ride home was a little bittersweet. I was so very excited to get back to warm, sunny Florida but sad that our little vacation had ended. Four days is way too short to spend in a city so big, but I'm glad Tyler got to see some of it. I know we'll be back again.
Our last day in Chicago.

Where we went:
The Bean
Caffe Baci
Garrett Popcorn

All photos taken with my Nexus 5 Camera and edited with VSCOCam.

Caffe Baci Chicago
First stop, brunch at Caffe Baci!

The Bean
The Bean
I didn't think to not cover my face with my phone, but at least we got the picture!

Downtown Chicago
Chicago Tribune Building
Urban Outfitters Bear Suit
Ty and I went our separate ways while shopping, and this is what I found him in when we reunited...


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