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Thursday, April 24

Easter Eggs at Disney's Grand Floridian


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Disney Grand Floridian Resort
Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Disney Grand Floridian Resort
A scene from Tangled on one of the Grand Floridian Easter Eggs

Easter as an adult has been fairly uneventful. I remember growing up going to picnics and Easter egg hunting, but now it's mostly family time and food (which I'm not opposed to). The nice thing about living in Central Florida is being able to take advantage of all the seasonal events Disney has to offer. Last week, my sister and I went to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort to view their chocolate Easter egg display. One of my clients is a pastry chef at The Grand Floridian, so it was nice to see her work come to life. The eggs themselves are about a foot tall and covered with all kinds of edible decorations. You could smell the sugar in the air and even as an adult, it was hard not to want to reach past the barricade and touch them. We took a few photos and wandered around the resort before stopping by Disney's Polynesian to drink some bubble tea.Easter Eggs at The Grand Floridian. You can read more about them here

Disney Grand Floridian Easter Eggs
Disney Grand Floridian Easter Eggs


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