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Friday, August 22

Side Table Makeover: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Side Table Makeover

I'm not a handy person, but am pretty darn proud of myself for my first furniture makeover! A little back story: I bought this side table at a Goodwill in Tallahassee while I was at Florida State (Go Noles!). It was $25 and in fairly good shape, so I couldn't say no. Well, long story short, after graduating in 2009 and moving all over the country for five years, it sat in my mother's garage collecting dust and scratches and probably a spider or two. Now that Tyler and I have moved in and decorated our new apartment, I thought it was the perfect time to take this project piece and make it into something I love.You can see more of my interior decor inspiration on my Pinterest. See more interior decor on the blog.

Vintage Side Table Makeover
$25 Side Table from Goodwill, before its chalk paint makeover!

Vintage Side Table Makeover
Vintage Side Table Makeover
Before the Makeover: Lots of scratches and dents, looking pretty worn out.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I first saw Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on a visit to Adjectives Market. Up until then, I was completely clueless as to how to achieve that shabby-chic, worn-in paint look on a piece of furniture. I did a little bit of research (via: Pinterest) and decided it seemed easy enough to try on my own.

Now, here is a little disclaimer. Altogether, the supplies to paint cost around $150 - paint, brushes, rags, sandpaper, etc. And I suppose for $175 I could've bought a pretty kick-ass side table ready-to-go. But I have plenty of paint left after this project.

I like that I was able to customize it completely. A furniture makeover has been something I've wanted to do for a long time so it was pretty rewarding doing this project!

Tyler and I decided to go with English Yellow. Our living room is pretty neutral and I have been wanting to use pops of color as much as I can.
What You Need: Chalk Paint, Soft Wax, (2) Paint Brushes, Sand Paper in a Fine Grit, Rags or an Old T-Shirt

Drawer Knobs, Screwdriver

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in English Yellow

Thursday, August 14

Our New Apartment!


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Small Apartment Decor - Rustic Metal Initial Letters
Small Apartment Decor - World Market Embroidered Throw Pillow
World Market Embroidered Throw Pillows
You can find them here and here, $24.99 each.

Small Apartment Decor - Cynthia Rowley Picture Frame
Cynthia Rowley Picture Frames, found at Home Goods.

Small Apartment Decor - Anthropologie Candle on Coffee Table Books
Capri Blue Candle in Volcano, Anthropologie, $14
Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Barnes & Noble, $35
SAMPLE by Phaidon

Small Apartment Decor - Garance Dore Rifle Paper Co Notebook
Garance Dore for Rifle Paper Co. Notebook, Rifle Paper Co., $15

Small Apartment Decor - DIY Vanity Table
Wooden Side Table and Mirror from Home Goods

Small Apartment Decor - DIY Vanity Table
Small Apartment Decor - VOLUSPA Candle
Voluspa Maison Jardin Candle in Sake Lemon Flower, Anthropologie, $16

Small Apartment Decor - Vintage Polaroid Camera

We're all moved in!

We have been spending the past two weeks moving, hence the long hiatus from the blog world. It's led us to the unanimous decision that the next time we do this, we are definitely hiring movers. We're almost settled in and are slowly decorating trying to make it feel like ours. The to-do list seems never ending, but I thought I would share a few photos of what we've done so far.

There's so much left to do (at least that's how it feels) but for the most part we're settled in and very happy. I'm absolutely loving our new apartment and I know Tyler is, too. It's much bigger than our old place and I'm really loving most of all that we get to decorate it ourselves. You can find me lately spending way too much time at Target, Home Goods and World Market.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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