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Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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Just a quick post to say, Happy Holidays - whatever you celebrate! I hope these days are spent with your loved ones and are filled with happiness and love! Tyler and I had a little impromptu diy-photoshoot in our living room before spending time with our families today. It's our last Christmas before becoming Mr. & Mrs. and I am enjoying every minute. Hope you enjoy the photos (and all of my awkward poses)!

Saturday, December 20

Our Little Christmas Tree!


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Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Candle Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Gingerbread Man Pink Felt Flamingo
Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Felted Santa Claus
Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Gingerbread Man
Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Buri Squirrel
Crate and Barrel Ornaments - Buri Fox Globe Christmas Ornament
Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Bulldog
Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Deer with Jewelry
Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Reindeer
Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornaments - Felt Elephant
Crate and Barrel Christmas Ornament - Elephant with Bells
Our tree would not be complete without my favorite animal - an Elephant of course!

I am beginning to understand why people begin decorating after Thanksgiving. The time between then and Christmas moves way too fast - it's already five days away and we only just got our tree up! I've never been a fan of Christmas but this year (and the past few years) things have been changing this Grinch heart of mine. I just about had the time of my life shopping for Christmas ornaments at Crate and Barrel. They had the cutest felted and stuffed ornaments that I had the most difficult time not buying each and every one. Here are just a few of my favorites that made their way onto our tree this year. I already can't wait until next Christmas to do this all over again.You can find our ornaments at Crate & Barrel and World Market.
Friday, December 12

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations


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DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
DIY Floral Wedding Invitations

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
A Few Supplies: chalkboard heart stickers, calligraphy pens, chalk marker and twine. From Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics, or any craft or art store.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
I was looking for a unique way to label our info cards, and loved the look of these chalk board stickers with chalk writing. I wrote them myself and it was fairly simple to do.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
Tip: Make sure your writing dries completely, or they will smudge! I wrote them all out first, let them dry, then stuck them on.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
You can use them to seal the envelope for your info cards, which is what I did for ours.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
Here's how it looks all together!

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
I hand wrote the numbers on our RSVP cards with a calligraphy pen to give them a personal touch.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
I tried several different ways of incorporating twine with our invitations, and decided to use it to tie a bow at the top. I liked how it gave them a little more detail instead of having them so flat.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
I used a 1/8" hole puncher - about the width of the twine, to punch two holes in the corners of our invitations.

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
After tying a quick bow, I cut off the excess twine to make it even, and voila!

DIY Floral Wedding Invitations
Packed up and ready to go!

It's been quite awhile since I've sat down to blog about anything - what can I say, November was kind of a whirlwind and I'm still in shock that it's gone and done already. I'm back to blogging amid all of the wedding planning to share a quick glimpse at our diy wedding invitations. You can see the diy save the dates I did in a previous post.

These were fairly simple to make. I've listed everything I used so you can try it yourself!

DIY Floral Wedding Inviations

Craft Supplies
1/8" Hole Punch
Paper Cutter
Chalkboard Heart Stickers
Calligraphy Pens in various sizes
Chalk Pen or Marker
Full Sheet Sticker Paper for Address Labels

Kraft Paper A9 Envelopes from Paper Source
Vellum A2 Envelopes from Paper Source

Floral Clip-Art from Etsy
Znikomit Font
Basic Title Font

How to Print
Vista Print Post Cards in Recycled Matte

Address Labels
Learn how I made my address labels here.

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