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Monday, January 12

52 Hand Lettered Project: My Mantra for 2015


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52 Hand Lettered Project: Week 1

I've decided to start a year-long hand lettering project, inspired by Pen and Peplum. I've been thinking more and more about how to record memories in a meaningful way that will allow me to look back someday and see how I've grown. This first week, the project is about your mantra for the year. I might sound like a broken record by now but I've settled on the word balance. Over the years, I've learned the importance of saying no and having a life outside of work. In my case, it's about prioritizing your time to do the things that you love and be with the people you love. It's about finding what makes you happy and having just enough of that to feel happy most of the time. There was a time when my whole life revolved around work and getting things done, and now I'm learning to be happy spending time doing nothing. I've learned to be at peace. While I haven't mastered it quite yet, it's what I'd like to focus doing for this year. So, balance it is!
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Kathryn said...

This is such a great project and the image that you've posted is beautiful! I've been wanting to get into lettering and calligraphy for a while now. Can I ask what kind of training you've had or any classes that you took? I can't wait to follow along on this project!

I think that balance is a great word for 2015. It's something we could all use a little bit more of, if you ask me.

xx Kathryn

Emily Anne said...

You read my mind with wanting to look back/record memories in a meaningful way - I've been toying this over in my mind the past couple weeks too. I'm not one for calligraphy really, but I'm inspired by your take and motivation. I think I'd like to upgrade my camera and cell phone - I'm really into photography, but the amount of times in a year that belabour my lens or my crappy IPHONE 4 (!!) I feel like a carpenter hampered by her tools! :) Anyway great focus for the year! I'm looking forward to following along :)

Tyler said...

You rock babe. Nicely done. I will shower you will kisses and back rubs

Kristine K. said...

I actually haven't taken any classes! But, if you search on etsy for "calligraphy kit" a lot of places have worksheets and workbooks that help to guide you. I just practice and doodle a lot! A lot of sheets of paper haha. You should definitely follow along! It's such a fun project.

Kristine K. said...

Haha yes when I upgraded my iPhone 4 I felt like my world changed lol. Even having a nice camera phone helps me to record so much more than I used to. I don't think you ever want to stop upgrading your cameras to be honest. I'm in that mood now and looking for a smaller camera from my DSLR. The search never ends!

Kristine K. said...

You're the best and I love you!

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