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Monday, February 8

The Question of Existence, Solving Mental Illness, Healing a Generation, Healing a World.


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The question for a generation.

Is value the measure of matter?
Does value equal matter?
Is value matter?
Is that the human instinct? To find the value?
Is the ability to measure intrinsic value an advent of human intelligence?
What does intelligence mean?
How do we measure it?
Why should we measure it?
What do you think will happen when that thing happens?
What is the consequence of that thing?
Does the consequence matter to us?
What does it mean to exist?
What is the value of life?
Why do we defy Instinct?
Why are we able to choose?
What is this anomaly in nature?
Why does it exist?
What does it mean?
When we find out what it means, can we measure the value of its meaning?
Will this lead to artificial intelligence?
Is that a goal worth pursuing?
Why or why not?
How will we decide?
What will affect our decisions?
What is thought?
Can we control it?
Should we control it?
Can technology and nature work together?
What does it mean to biohack the brain?

Why have I been spending my whole life trying to do it?
What drives me to keep asking questions?
What is the value of this?
Why is it important to live?

Please help me. I have reached 0.

ETA: A question for the human species:
Does what makes me happy matter more than what makes everyone else happy? What sacrifices am I willing to make in order to find happiness? What sacrifices will I not make? What does reason tell me? Why do I believe my reason tells me this?


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