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Wednesday, February 24

The Void


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We are lost.

You endless void,
You hateful, selfish, endless void.
Whispering into us your own wishes to be destroyed.

How many shall be lost to you?
How many will be swallowed whole?

I claw my way back,
Digging nails into your oozing flesh.

You will not swallow me,
You endless, awful, ugly void.
I hear you whisper, I scream back.

I will claw back to the light
Out of your wretched mouth
I will look into your darkness
And not be swallowed whole.

You cannot win against me, void.

I have felt you
And I know you
But you have yet to want to know me.

Who I am,
The one who claws back.
The one who will eat you.
The one who has seen you.
The one who chose to come back.
The one who was not swayed by your serenade.
The one who did not believe your promise of release.

I see you.
I know you.
And you will never win.

Look at me.
Look into me, void.
See me as I have seen you.
Shake in fear as I have shaken.
Cry for help as I have cried.
Look into me, void.
I no longer fear you.
Because I’ve seen you.
And I can swallow you whole.


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