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Monday, February 22



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Are we lost on our search for beauty?
Can we ever find it?

Ever elusive, slipping from our faint grip
Not the strength to hold it
Not the heart to keep it
Floating somewhere in between.


What of Beauty, Light and Love?
Is it real?
Can it be?
Are We real?
Can We be?

And if not, then what?
What remains when it all fades away?

Ivy wrapping us and beckoning us back to the Earth
From whence we came
Where we belong.

And then what?

Are we it, then?
Cosmic light and dust hurtling through vast emptiness.

Is that Love?
Is that Beauty?
Can it Be?


Cosmic light, hurtling through vast emptiness
Like a voice to an empty room,
Like a soul searching the sky,
that a hand might reach out and acknowledge our existence.

The only thing I have.
I think,
The only thing that’s real.


And yet,
Here You are, next to me.
Flesh and Bone
Breath and Blood
Freckled skin and coarse hair.

I’m so sure you’re you.
Are you sure?
I’m so sure you have to be,
Because our love binds us -
And I am forever your’s -
Spit out from the same star -
Forever connected -
Because I know not else how to be alive.


And if life should be real, so you must also be
Because I yearn for a love that makes the blood flow through my veins
A love that illuminates,
That makes colors brighter.

A love that makes me see.

So life must be real,
Because you must be, and I must be
And Here must be

Because You are.
And I want to Be.


I want no longer to be lost.
I hope you find me in the void.

I call for you, arms outstretched
Hoping We transcend.

The void is real,
And so are You,
And I choose You,
Because I choose Me,
And We are We.

Intrinsic, Infinite.



Don’t forget me sweet one.
I am your love.
In your eyes I see a light.
Please don’t lose the light.
Don’t lose me.
Don’t forget I love you.




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