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Friday, February 26

Where to Call for Help


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It occurred to me, and hopefully not too late, that while I am blogging truthfully about my own experiences, there may be some readers out there for which this is a trigger - for their own suicidal, manic or other thoughts they may feel during episodes of psychosis, depression, or other illnesses that have not yet been treated.

Though many people have messaged me with words of encouragement and love, and shared their own struggles with me, I understand that not everyone is on a path of hope, just yet.

So, in order to address this, I have now added the number for the National Suicide Crisis Hotline to the top of my blog.

It is a 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week crisis hotline for moments that are very familiar to me, and if this blog resonates with you, probably familiar for you too.

Please - call this number, whenever the thoughts become too much. It is okay to admit help.

And if it ever gets to become too much, please call 911, and take care of yourselves.

We can make it together. You and I, we struggle, yes. But we can make it together.

So please,

Ask for help if you need it. I know that's hard, but life can be beautiful, we just have to live it first.


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