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Tuesday, March 8

We're On A Train


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When You watch people on a train
Neither here, nor there

A family man without his family
A working girl not yet to work

Floating faces in a floating space
Neither here, nor there

The Ground rumbling beneath their feet
The Street buzzing over head

A sea of a million faces
Neither here, nor there

And are You, you?
Here, in a train, surrounded by strangers
And feeling a bit strange yourself.

Separated and connected
Little ants in a box
A million faces on a train

Telling different stories
Living different lives
Passing through the night
The other faceless faces
Passing them
And passing You.

Are You, you?
Here, now?
There, on a train?
Is that you?
Is that me?
Am I me?
On a train
On a train
Am I Me
on a train?

And where are we going?
And Why are we going?
and What when we get there
and Who will we see
and Who will we meet
and What will we be?

And then what?
And whereto next?

Somewhere, not here.
Somewhere, in between.

Is that me on a train?
Am I Me, on a train?

On a train
On a train
Am I Me
on a train?

and Where
and Why
and What
and Here
and There

is it ME?
am I Me?
is this ME
on a train?


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