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Friday, April 8

I wrote this while on Seroquel at 1 or 2 AM


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Can a person, broken, see a whole face
See a whole unbroken being
In the too-dark-tint of a some such or other
Domestic or other,
Foreign somewhere
Dark rolled-up window

Slowly the snap-crackle-pop of this unruly brain
Takes a break from
Snap snap snapping
And just shuts up for one good damn second

God damn
Oh thank you ma’am
Or god or ma’am
Is god a man
You know they never say
In sunday school
And hey, if they do
I sure didn’t listen.

“Well, the Seroquel is once at night
100mg can you remember?
Klonopin, TID”

Can’t trust her with the pills
And the bottles
She likes them way too much

They make her feel so good and anyway
We kind of like it when they suffer
Because they look so sweetly sad
And always come back to hold our hands
Never mind that we spit in their face

We like them all a little fucked up
Cause, well, honey,
I think we’re all fucked up
Just depends on what you’re having and who’s talking

Do you like your drugs street or legal
Or liquid or pills or smoked or swallowed
Or fucked or what
Tell me
We have got it
We’re a regular ol’ fucking supermarket of fucked

Just keep rolling the fucked up kids in
Tell them we can fix them
But tell them
Hey you’ve gotta pay
And then hey call these numbers to make sure you’re okay


Yea, well we don’t promise good
Here, we can’t even promise okay
We were just being optimistic
I guess we can promise you’ll leave here
The way you came in
Either body bag or not
But I think that’s the fairest way to say it

Warning: Caring Not Given in a Place Like This
Weak hearts, fragile souls should just jump out of the building now.

“Well, how bout that, that must’ve helped didn’t it?”

Weren’t those pills so delicious
And guess what
In no time
You’ll forget you ever gave enough of a fuck in the first place
Cause we’ll take all the fucks and drown them with drugs
And that should fix you up, right honey?

And if it don’t
I don’t know
That’s the best we can do
And you know,
Have you thought maybe you aren’t trying enough?

Try next time when you’re good and fucked again.

I’m sure we’ll get it right next time.


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